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The Tails!


Lucky holds a very special place in our hearts. For about 6 months he was hanging around our apartment building. A few of us were feeding him regularly so he never wandered off too far. In January 2006 we noticed he had lost a lot of weight and had something wrong with his eyes. We caught him and took him to the vet only to find out he was affected with distemper. The vet said his chances of survival at that point, were slim. Lucky was named so because he survived canine distemper which has a fatality rate of 50-90%. Animals can sometimes be saved if the disease is caught in the early stages but according to Lucky's symptoms he was already mid-late stage. Lucky came back stronger and healthier than we could have imagined.

Lucky spent 3 years with us and there were a few times when we thought we couldn't live without him. He took care of many a litter of rescued newborn kittens. He acted like a cat-mom. He would lick them clean after we bottle fed them and he would gently carry them to their boxes and nuzzle them closer to eachother to keep warm. We often thought he was a cat stuck in a dog's body!

After 3 years of waiting, Lucky found his forever home. We were so sad to see him go but so happy at the same time. He found a lovely couple who care for him like he's their only 'child' and they even adopted a rescued cat so that Lucky would have a forever feline friend. He couldn't get any luckier than that!


Lois also lived on our street. We took her to the vet where she had surgery to terminate her pregnancy and also to be spayed. She recovered extremely well but then developed 'cherry eye'. We took her in for minor surgery for that and then she followed us home, literally. She walked us to the elevator and came up to our apartment where she immediately laid down in the living room to take a nap. She decided it was best to adopt us as she didn't trust anyone else to keep watch as well as she does =) So, Lois adopted us in April 2006. She's now owned us for over 3 years and I think she's quite happy about that. I know we are :o)


Chip and Dale were found on the Nantze Freeway one night. They were just over 1 month old. They were infested with fleas, worms and earmites. After a complete recovery they both found loving homes .


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