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Home Animals Diary (Happy Tails!)

Happy Tails

Happy Tails

Over the years, BARK has re-homed many rescued animals. This page is dedicated to all these animals that came into our lives. These animals needed our help, but their plight has been constant motivation and a reminder of how urgent the stray over population problem is in Taiwan. They have also taught us to appreciate the little things so to speak. These four-legged friends of ours live in the moment which is something we, people, have a real hard time achieving. This reaches deep down into our passion for animal welfare. A bowl of food, some water and some love and care. That’s a lot less than most of us need to be happy. We have grown attached to all of them and we consider them a part of the BARK family.

On that note, this page is also dedicated to all of you who made the right choice by choosing adoption as the most humane option to bring a furry friend into your life. Many thanks to all of you, and we wish you a life-time of fulfilling companionship.

Note that the Happy Tails! page will remain under ongoing construction. We will be adding more happy tails as we find the time.


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