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CNR - Catch & Release

Hi all,

BARK is currently offering a CNR service for anyone interested. CNR means Catch-Neuter-Release. In brief, we catch the animal, we vaccinate him/her, we spay or neuter him/her and we return him/her to the street once fully recovered from the surgery.

The good news is we care for the animal ourselves, we de-flea them, we de-worm them, we feed them and we take them to the vet as needed so you don’t actually have to physically care for the animals.

The not so good news is that you have to pay for the expenses. Healthy males cost about 2000NT to treat, vaccinate and neuter. Add 500NT for females.

So if there are dogs in your neighborhood that you would like to help, now you can, and for a minimal fee yet.

Females especially benefit from being spayed, and males will not fight nearly as much once neutered so they have less chances of getting injured. And of course, vaccinations give any dog a really good head start at living a healthy life, too.

Not to mention that by spaying or neutering dogs, you are stopping them from reproducing which in terms means fewer puppies and less grown dogs on the street as a result; less strays/less suffering, which is the whole idea behind CNR.

Contact us for more details.

Co-Founder BARK 

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