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About BARK

Founded in April 2006, BARK is a non-profit charitable CNR (Catch Neuter Return) organization run by volunteers who believe animal suffering is unnecessary and unjust. We believe that kindness to our furry friends will make our world a better place.

BARK's mission has many fronts driven by the passion of each and every one of our volunteers and supporters. We are working with the community to raise awareness about the stray overpopulation in Southern Taiwan. We strive to help pet owners better understand their animal companions, and also to create more hope for homeless and suffering animals on a case by case basis.

During our first two years in operation, we rescued many animals, we treated them and we tried to find them permanent homes. We soon ended up with enough dogs in our care that all our resources became tied up just caring for them.  While we made a tremendous difference in the lives of the lucky animals who found us, we were left with very little potential to make a significant difference in the big picture. It was like putting a bucket under a leaky faucet, but once the bucket filled up, we were back to square one so we clearly had to re-orientate our mission. We needed to address the stray overpopulation at the root of the problem; we needed to tackle the leaky faucet as opposed to just put a bucket underneath it.  It became clear to us the CNR was the most humane and most effective strategy.

As of 2009, we are using most of our resources to run a successful CNR campaign. We neuter entire packs of dogs which effectively stops the proliferation of animal suffering at the root of the problem. Our efforts to reduce stray over-population do not end there. We also spay and neuter animals free of charge, be it rescued animals, CNR efforts or house pets. For more information, click "here" (coming soon).

Southern Taiwan has the heart, the compassion and the resources to address animal suffering and over-population humanely though CNR. It's through the help of kind hearts and generous hands like yours that we are moving forward to the day when the streets in southern Taiwan are no longer plagued with animals that are sick, hungry and homeless.

*UPDATE as of May 2012:

Although BARK has officially closed and we are no longer rescuing animals, we will be continue to hold a monthly flea market, on the 3rd Sunday of each month, at our regular location (Pet's World- 180 Boai 3rd road), until all the BARK animals have found forever homes. We raise funds for OTHER animal rescue organizations in Taiwan. If you would like to come help us out, that would be great! We need help setting up at 1pm and cleaning up at 6pm. You can keep up to date on any news/changes at BARK's Facebook page here:

If you are interested in fostering or adopting, we still have BARK animals in our care that need homes. We still have a few dogs and cats in foster care as well. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information about fostering or adopting a pet.
Thanks for your support and for your compassion towards animals in need.




We need your help!

There are many ways to help BARK. One way is to click on the Bark Sponsor banners below.

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